Iikka Ruotsalainen - Web designer and developer from Helsinki


A chill web guy from Helsinki. If you’d like further info about me, what I’ve been working on, what I do currently and why you could be interested about me, I recommend to read further.

The easiest way to contact me is by cliking here if you want to ask something or give feedback or e.g. ask for some WordPress tips!

A web designer and developer as well as a marketing specialist from Helsinki
A web designer and developer as well as a marketing specialist from Helsinki


Hey there. I’m Iikka, a web designer and developer who has at the time of writing survived alive for 25 whole years. I’m a marketing specialist from Helsinki and kind of a creative dude in general (at least imo). I’ve been working with website development, design and marketing since 2012. I’m constantly self-improving and enthusiastic about what I do and I’ll most certainly have a bunch of fresh ideas for any kind of project including websites, digital ecosystems, digital marketing etc.


I started developing WordPress sites as a hobby (and a summertime job). I think that the first website developed by me was ready 2012 when I was living in my home town Lapua. It was clear to me that my visual skills and experience with graphic design (hobby too) offered me tools for web design and development. And so I got hooked on creating the most beautiful and functional websites that I possibly could.

I ended up studying IT in Tampere University of Technology. I accumulated some experience with coding (mostly Python and C#) and sought insight into usability. Quickly I realised that I wanted to focus especially to usability when working with sites and soon an excellent updatability became the prio number one. From this point of view, I’ve purposefully impoved my own skills, especially in the development of WordPress sites.

I decided to challenge myself by applying for interesting jobs, with the goal of getting to use my skills and especially improving myself. I found a great job in the field in Seinäjoki, where I was able to work with personally very valuable and important things while getting better with website development, creating processes for my own work and working directly with customers in daily basis.

I proceeded on my personal career path, and once I had developed and accumulated expertise in web design, development, graphic production, photography, video production and supervisory duties, it was time to look for new challenges.

If you’re further interested in me as a person and wanna take a look into my mind, check this page out.


In 2020 I started working at my current job at Buorre. On daily basis I’m a part of a team of great people improving our customers’ business, mainly in digital environments like websites and digital marketing / automation. I try to constantly improve myself and follow some basic principles and values that I’ve created for mysel. Read more about these principles and values from here.

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